Special Needs Lessons

We love to work with all kinds of people, including those with intellectual or physical disabilities. Lessons are tailored based on the needs and abilities of the individual. They can include basic care of the horse such as grooming, feeding, hoof picking, etc. They can also include learning to drive (a horse that is).

This is not therapy. However, many of our clients with special needs experience improvements with their social and motor skills. Mostly, it is about having a good time and learning something new.

Driving is the art of directing a horse that is pulling a cart or a wagon. It allows for a person to immediately be successful and participatory. A family member can come along as well as the  driving instructor so that the lesson becomes a shared experience. There are several advantages to driving. It requires fewer helpers than traditional therapeutic programs (keeping costs lower) and is often less intimidating than riding. Plus, it is a lot of fun!

Many of our clients also participate in several of the local horse shows (including our own), in their own special "Superstar" classes.  They compete in Halter, In Hand, In Hand Trail, and Driving.